About them

Feriendorf Holland, the premier vacation booking platform, offers an exceptional opportunity to create cherished memories in the Netherlands. With a vast selection of over 400 holiday parks showcased on their user-friendly website, they provide a diverse range of unique accommodations, tailored to meet every vacationer’s desires. Through our strategic efforts, we successfully boosted website traffic, garnered greater attention, and attracted more visitors, elevating Feriendorf Holland’s status as the go-to destination for a memorable vacation in the Netherlands.


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    Search Engine Optimization
  • 2
    Marketing Strategy
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    Public Relations
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    E-mail marketing
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    Conversion optimization

Achieved results

We have made significant strides in online marketing with Feriendorf Holland. By managing the complete marketing strategy for Feriendorf Holland, we have achieved impressive results, including the following key metrics:

  • 800%
    More website visitors
  • 900%
    More Sales

Successful Collaboration

Our collaboration with Feriendorf Holland was a true success story. As Holidays Marketing, we felt honored to take on the complete marketing responsibilities for this company. With a close-knit partnership and a targeted strategy, we strengthened Feriendorf Holland’s online presence, prioritizing brand awareness and attracting new customers. Through SEO optimization, we significantly increased website traffic, and personalized email marketing further bolstered customer loyalty. We are delighted with the achieved success and eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership in the future.