Summio Parcs

About them

We are delighted to introduce our esteemed client, Summio Parcs, a dynamic and brand new company on the holiday park market. Despite being a newcomer, Summio Parcs holds an impressive edge as a big player in the Dutch market, boasting 23 exceptional vacation parks scattered throughout the Netherlands.

As a young company, Summio Parcs faced the exciting challenge of establishing its brand image, particularly in new markets. They recognized the importance of making a strong and lasting impression on potential customers, and that’s where we came in to lend our expertise.


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    Public relations

First months of Collaboration

We are thrilled to share our recent achievements in our collaboration with Summio Parcs. Over the past few months, we have successfully integrated Summio’s offerings into more than 200 pages across the Netherlands and Germany. This extensive coverage has played a crucial role in exceeding the initial booking objectives we had set.

Our strategic approach to affiliate marketing, combined with Summio Parcs’ exceptional offerings, has not only increased visibility but also driven a significant surge in bookings. We are proud to report that our performance has surpassed the goals initially outlined, demonstrating the effectiveness of our partnership.

We are excited to continue this journey, expanding our reach and continuing to exceed expectations in the future.

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