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We proudly present Vakantieparken Nederland, a phenomenal travel webpage offering a treasure trove of opportunities for over 500 holiday home providers. Attracting a vast audience, this platform showcases a diverse array of vacation parks, most of which are nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of the Netherlands.


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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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    Marketing Strategy
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    Public Relations
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    E-mail marketing
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    Conversion Optimization
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    Social Media

Achieved results

With great joy, we share our successful collaboration with and the impressive achievements in the realm of online marketing. Taking full control of the marketing efforts, we have helped stand out in the competitive market. Thanks to our innovative strategies and targeted campaigns, remarkable results have been achieved, including a significant increase in website traffic, a rise in online conversion rates, and a growing customer base.

Through tailor-made solutions, we have fortified their brand and solidified their position as a leading vacation park platform. We look forward to continuing this journey together, fostering further growth, and celebrating more triumphs along the way.

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    more website visitors
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    grow of email addresses

A Successful Collaboration

As Altenburg Marketing, we were honored to handle the complete marketing strategy for Vakantieparken Nederland. Through a close partnership and a results-driven approach, we strengthened the online presence of Our goal was to enhance brand awareness and attract new customers. With effective SEO optimization, we significantly increased website traffic. Additionally, personalized email marketing efforts fostered customer loyalty. We take great pride in the achieved success and look forward to furthering our successful collaboration.